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The real truth about God, faith, and religion from an agnostic perspective comes down to a matter of common sense. This encompasses not only that in which one believes, but the basis of such convictions. It begs the question of whether we are to invest in the principles of modern enlightenment or the words of ancient mystics who viewed their universe through fearful eyes. At some point, almost every believer will encounter a crisis of faith. Whether induced by a traumatic event, natural curiosity, or peer pressure, the need for resolute answers will surely arise. is designed for just such purpose. It presents a wealth of unbiased facts and qualified opinions based on a rational approach to the meaning of life.

Agnostic Library


An Agnostic Manifesto - Article - Ron Rosenbaum
Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto - Book - Lesley Hazelton
Agnostic Basics - Article - Austin Cline
Agnosticism Regarding The Meaning Of Life - Essay - John G. Messerly
Agnosticism: The Third Perspective - Book - Graeme Lindenmayer
Agnosticism and Thomas Henry Huxley - Article - Austin Cline
Agnosticism for  Beginners - Article - Austin Cline
Is There a Possibility of An Afterlife - Essay - Steve Tayler, PHD
What is Agnostic Theism - Article - Austin Cline
What is An Agnostic - Essay - Bertrand Russell
Difference Between Agnostics and Athiests - Article - Austin Cline

Faith & Religion

Can We Distinguish Between a Religion and a Con Game -  Huffington Post
Einstein on God, Religion, Mysticism, and Spirituality - Article - Stephen Jay Gould
Famous Religion Quotes - Article - Humanism By Joe
Hell: Origins of An Idea - Article - Richard Burky & Jeannette B. Anderson -
How The Problem of Pain Ruined My Faith -  Bart Erhman
Is Religion Fiction -  Nigel Baraber, PHD
Is Religion Harmful Superstition -  National Geographic
It Seems Biology Not Religion Equals Morality - Essay - Marc D. Hauser
American Religion Has Never Looked Quite Like It Does Today  -  Huffington Post
Religion is Losing It's Clout  -  News Max
Why Do Intelligent People Believe Nonsense?  -  Patheos

Gods & Deities

10 Brilliant Scientests and Their Views of God  -  Owlcation
The God Delusion - Article - Richard Dawkins
The Polytheistic Origins of God - Video
Here's Why Stephen Hawking Says There Is No God  -  Owlcation
How God Became God - Book - Richard Smoley
Is There A God - Essay - Bertrand Russell

Christian Delusion

5 Flawed Arguments For Intelligent Design - Essay - Bob Strauss
An Agnostic Approach to Evolution and Intelligent Design - Essay - James Kirk Wall
The Case Against Intelligent Design - Essay - Jerry A. Coyne
A Collosal Fraud -
Christianity Declines Sharply in US, Agnosticism Growing  -  News Max 
The Christian Delusion - Book - John Loftus
The Biggest Myths About The First Christians - Article - Candida Moss
The Myth of Persecution - Book - Candida Moss

Real Bible

The Bible's Buried Secrets - Nova
The Bible Has No Place In Modern American Society -  Huffington Post
Can We Masure The Earth's Age According To The BIble -  Huffington Post
Few Americans Believe The Bible Is The Word of God -  Huffington Post
Gospel of John: What Everyone Should Know - Book - Shelby Spong
Gospel of John: What Everyone Should Know - Article - Shelby Spong
Should The Bible Be Banned - Huffington Post
Violence In The Bible - Huffington Post
Where Did The Bible Come From - Huffington Post
Were The Twelve Apostles Real  -  National Geographic
Who Wrote The Bible and Why It Matters  -  Huffington Post
Why Humanists Reject the Bible - Joseph C. Sommer

Legendary Jesus

Decoding Jesus: Separating The Man From The Myth -  CNN
Did A Historical Jesus Exist  -  Jim Walker
Did Jesus Exist?  -  Nigel Baraber, PHD
Did Historical Jesus Really Exist  - Raphael Lataster - Washington Post
Fable of Christ - Michael B. Paulkovitch
The Historical Jesus - PBS Frontline
Jesus and The Hidden Contradictions of the Bible - NPR
Is Josephus a Reliable Source -  Article - Bob Seidensticker
Searching For Jesus  -  PBS Frontline
The Search For No Frills Jesus - The Atlantic
The Truth Behind The Christ Myth - Ancient Origins
Was Jesus a Real Person  -  Live Science
What Are The Challenges in Reconstructing Jesus' World - PBS Frontline
What Can We Really Know About Jesus  -  PBS Frontline
Who Was Jesus The Man  -  Live Science
Historians Rely on Hearsay for Jesus -  Jim Walker

Agnonstic Definitions

Agnostic Athiest
Agnostic Theism
Agnostics - List of
Christ Myth Theory
Christian Agnosticism
Christian Mysticism
Christian Mythology
Deities - List of
Gospel of John
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Gospel of Thomas
Jesus - Historical
Jesus Seminar
John The Apostle
John The Babtist
Paul The Apostle
Religion and Mythology

Agnostic Biographies

Barber, Nigel (1955 -)
Ehrman, Bard D (1955 -)
Huxley, Thomas Henry (1825-1895)
Russell, Bertrand  (1872 - 1970)
Rutherford, Adam (1974 -)
Smoley, Richard (1956 - )
Sommer, Joseph C